The definitive scents generator

Scents can trigger memories, transport us back to our childhoods, or even alter our moods …
Olorama Technology™ allows you to incorporate the sense of smell into your projects in a realistic and effective way …
Opposite to other odours machines, Olorama Technology™ is a DISRUPTIVE solution for smells and the definitive Digital Scent Technology.

I was very sceptical before I tried Olorama at VR Days Europe 2016. A lot of solutions I did see so far where just strangely looking prototypes. I did not try those prototypes myself so I have no personal experience, but reviews of those prototypes were pretty bad.
After trying the Olorama solution I was impressed. It simply did the job.

Alexander Grobe

Co-Organizer at VR Berlin (VRBLN)

Wireless scents devices

Ultra-realistics scents
No scents mixing
Wiring not required (100% wireless)
Compact devices. Only 10cm height (10″)
Installation and integration very straightforward
Easy replacement of scents cartridges
Escalable solution (for larger spaces, use more devices)

Bespoke scents

Wide catalogue of scents
Development of bespoke scents
Scents rapidly dissapear
Scents based on natural extracts, free of allergenics and 100% safe
Does not contains chemical as used in fragances of air fresheners

Synchronised essences

The technology combines hardware, software and essential oils
Compact and wireless design, invisible for the user
Scents uniformly spread
The only technology that efficiently synchronizes smells with scenes of VR, movies and videos

They’re talking about us

Olorama News

Prepare your breakfast and smell the food

The “Olorama breakfast experience” is an interactive game where you have to prepare your breakfast and, you know what? You can smell all the ingredients in the process… Amazing isn’t it? You can cook sausages and get the appetizing smell of the... read more

Babies recognize their mothers by the smell

Some days ago my wife surprised me with this question: “¿Do you remember the smell of your mother…?”. I honestly could answer proudly: “yes”. Suddenly this conversation was opened to other people and lots of them agreed on the same:... read more

The truth about bad smells

I want to share with you with this thought maybe will dissapoint you: “Good or bad smells don’t exist”. Smells are molecules in the air that our bring learnt how to interpret… Why a rotten egg smells bad…? Well, let’s think on the... read more

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