Scents are of the essence

Scents can trigger memories, transport us back to our childhoods, or even alter our moods …
Olorama Technology™ allows you to incorporate the sense of smell into your projects in a realistic and effective way …
Olorama Technology™ allows cinemas, immersion experience auditoriums, museums, hotels and innovative communications agencies to offer their customers a whole new sensation: smells.

Wireless aromatizing devices

Olorama TechnologyTM is based on a distributed solution for the emission of smells that makes it possible to cover larger areas just by installing more devices. Because they do not require wiring, their installation is very quick and easy, and adaptable to any type of project (cinemas, immersive experience venues, virtual reality, hotels, museums, etc.).
And refilling the smells is very simple, as they feature a quick cartridge change system, developed and patented by Olorama TechnologyTM.

100% natural extracts

The Olorama TechnologyTM only employs natural extracts in its projects, which is why its smells are so realistic… In addition, as they contain no agents to make the aromas last, they dissipate quickly, thereby preventing any mixing …

The company has a catalogue of 50 smells (featuring the most used) but has more than 100 to offer…! It is also possible to develop new smells just for your project.

Synchronised essences

The Olorama TechnologyTM combines hardware, software and essential oils to produce an experience unique in the audio-visual world: smelling what creators wish to transmit. Its compact and wireless design means that it is invisible to users … and its ultra-realistic smells (which rapidly dissipate and are uniformly distributed) allows you to enhance your projects with the only technology that actually synchronises the emission of smells with scenes.

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Olorama News

Great success of Olorama at SXSW Summit (Austin, Tx)

Olorama has been the sensation in the spanish booth at SXSW (Austin, Tx) by attracting more than 500 visitors… Among others, the famous and great chef Jose Andres, one of the spanish most famous chef, who even counts with his own TV Show in USA and has a great...

The real history of smells in the cinema

The real history about the smell in the theaters Incorporating the smell in the theaters has been one of the most important challenges in the film industry since the beginning. Long before the sound or the color was introduced, there were a lot of attempts to bring...

Great interview to Raul Porcar, founder at Olorama Technology

It’s very difficult to innovate in the audiovisual sector. Olorama TechnologyTM offer a new opportunity: incorporate the sense of smell. This is how Raul Porcar starts the interview, the creator and founder of the Olorama TechnologyTM. The interview aim is to...

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