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Based on our customers needs, we created different professional packs. Choose the best pack for you and enjoy the power of Olorama’s scents:


    One aromatizing device and 10 different scents for your tests

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    Smart kit of 10 cartridges for refilling

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    Wireless aromatizing devices, scents kit, software, Bluray Disc integrator

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You came here today because you are expecting something special, new and fresh for your business. You are in the right place.
Olorama Technology values are based on willingness to create more real and immersive experiences. We believe in ‘more’ – because we want people to feel more, smell more, and choose more.
Olorama’s Technology vision – to take audiovisual possibilities into the next level.
Olorama’s Technology mission – create immersive experiences by adding scents.

Why Olorama?

Smell is the most sensitive of our senses. People can remember smells with 65% accuracy after a year, while visual recall is about 50% after three months. Studies show that 75% of emotions are triggered by smell which is linked to pleasure, well-being, emotion and memory.

We use only natural and non-toxic smells. For a list of ‘the most commonly used scents’ click here.

What makes OloramaTM something different from others?

Olorama Technology – first wireless device which helps to transmit various scents into any space: doesn’t matter if it’s a small room or a big cinema. It is a unique technology because scents are distributed uniformly, and they are based on essential oils and natural extracts which disappear rapidly. The scents are changing according to the view by giving the viewer the most immersive experience ever felt.
Olorama Technology has more than 70 scents (and growing) – everyone will find some of them amazing: sausages, rain, chocolate, rhum… What would you prefer: the smell of fire in the war field or the smell of chocolate in a candy factory?

Causing a great first impression to our customers is one of the biggest priority. Creating long-term relationship that lasts in the time is the most important task for us.

The story of success

Olorama was founded in  2013 by Computer Science BS Raul Porcar. If not Olorama, Raul probably would be an IT manager or a project leader. The founder of Olorama describes himself as a ‘dreamer who work hard for his dreams’. Raul had a dream to create something new and change the way humans interact and enjoy the technology.

The idea to create this scent technology started watching a TV show. The wish to be able to smell what is showing on TV made Raul to think about device who would make this idea alive.

By the time Raul released his first prototype in 2013, he decided to focus on Olorama as a full-time employer.

But everything wasn’t so easy as it looks now. We believe in perfectionism when talking about our products.
It took hundreds of hours to develop everything from scratch and make sure that every detail is integrated successfully. What is more, the wanted only realistic scents in our system, so finding the right aromist took us a long time as well.

Now we can proudly say that Olorama Technology is a unique wireless system which is really easy to use.  We have more than 60 ultra-realistic scents, and we are incorporating new scents every day.


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