But we can still find experiences that are heavy on the Virtual side and light on Reality.
Nothing immerses one more in an experience than scents do… The smell of a forest, the sea, a party in Ibiza … With Olorama can really set yourself apart from the competition, synchronizing smells with your virtual reality experience.

I was very sceptical before I tried Olorama at VR Days Europe 2016. A lot of solutions I did see so far where just strangely looking prototypes. I did not try those prototypes myself so I have no personal experience, but reviews of those prototypes were pretty bad.
After trying the Olorama solution I was impressed. It simply did the job.

Alexander Grobe

Co-founder at VR Berlin (VRBLN)

Less is more

Creating content in 360, incorporating interactivity, and other techniques currently used to enrich VR/AR experiences are very expensive, require a lot of pre/post production, and are a real headache…
With Olorama TechnologyTM you can turn a “normal” experience into a “premium” one at a much lower cost, and dazzle your customers with a unique sensation: that of smells synchronized with what is happening during their experience.

The ultimate plus: scents

According to Deloitte: “VR could take you into the depths of the rain forest… But you would not feel the humidity, experience the smells or touch the vegetation”.
Olorama TechnologyTM has created the perfect solution for the most important of these senses: smell. For a space measuring 12 square meters (130 square ft.) you only need one wireless scent dispenser to offer your customers a truly immersive sensation, making them feel part of the experience.

Even a child could do it

Integrating Olorama TechnologyTM into your experience is extremely simple, as its devices feature a simple communication API based on UDP message that its development team can set up in less than 15 minutes.
Installing the aromatization equipment is a cinch and requires no cables (100% wireless). A pre-programmed Wi-Fi router is provided to use Olorama TechnologyTM, and just a simple screw is enough to secure the device wherever necessary to produce a perfect experience.

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