Enjoy the ultimate digital scent generator, by Olorama Technology

Olorama, inspired by systems like
Smell-O-Vision, features a patented solution to simulate smells for your projects.



Scents, the latest tool for agencies

Professional Digital Smell Technology

Smart digital olfactory device
Smell simulators available 24x7x365. Our scent capsules are good for 1,000 uses*
Multiple control options (including voice)
Supports customer fragances/smells or bespoke scents
Worldwide shipping. Order now and receive your products in less than 7 days

(*) for a minimum intensity



Smells for virtual reality

Smells for Virtual Reality

Smells for movies


Scents generator for events

Scented Events

Smells for virtual reality

Smells for Escape Rooms

Real Sense Experience


Interactive smells

Voice-activated olfactory devices for:

Interactive Kiosks
Digital Signage
Round out your facilities with interactive smells  


The Secret of Success

Since the year 1900 there have been attempts to introduce scents into theaters, movies and advertising, but they have failed to enjoy popularity. We have learnt about past mistakes and we provide a patented olfactory solution which provides:


For larger spaces, simply use more devices. One olfactory device covers 15 square meters.


Up to 10 different ultra-realistic scents per device. Don’t produce scent mixing.


We provide multiple control options including DMX.


Scents cover the desired area in a uniform manner.



Lâncome International Congress

Lâncome, one of the most important brands of l’Oreal, understand that products like Olorama Olfactory Technology constituted an exceptional tool to train to their staff on new products…

Hence, Lâncome contracted the Olorama services for events on their international Education&Retail Congress in Cannes (France), between 12th and 15th of June (2018).

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Some of our happy clients

The right solution can make the difference:

Olorama customers: JSquare Studio
atmosVR Olorama Customer
Olorama customers: Daimler
Olorama customers: Eyequestion
Olorama customers: Birmingham University
Olorama customers:: Universitat Politécnica de Valéncia
Olorama customers: Givaudan
Olorama customers: Hoschschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg

Real testimonies

Don’t take our word for it – that’s what people say:


I had the opportunity to experience Olorama personally at South by Southwest Summit (Austin, Tx), and I must say that I hadn’t experienced anything similar for years…
Olorama is simply crazy…

Testimonials Jose Ándres

José Andrés

Distinguished Chef


I was very sceptical before I tried Olorama at VR Days Europe. A lot of solutions I did see so far where just strangely looking prototypes. After trying the Olorama solution I was impressed. It simply did the job.

Testimonials Alexander Grobe

Alexander Gröbe

Co-Organizer at VR Berlin


After trying Olorama personally with a cinematic VR demo, I must say that it is a powerful experience enhancer… Fire, woods, waterfalls…


Eduardo Herranz

Virtual Voyagers

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