The first short film with scents: XmileFilm

El primer cortometraje con olores: XMile

The lights dim, you open wide your eyes, the movie is about to be played… You get the scent of Lilith (the film star) intensely from a fancy invention… What is it? That’s Olorama Technology…

The sense of smell is the most important in humans… Smells trigger memories, transport us to childhoods, and sinks us into the movie as nobody… Xmile is the promising short film of the also promising film director Miguel Ángel Font Bisier… Since the begining, Miguel Ángel strongly believed in incorporating scents to his last audiovisual creation: Xmile.

The film will be exhibited in the most important cinema festivals and it will be the first time in Europe that assistants could enjoy of movies with smells synchronized with the scenes…

Here you can watch a more than interesting video of the “Making Of” in XMile (please activate Captions or CC for english subtitles):

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