Cinema with smells: A spanish company patented a revolutionary technology that aims to change the way enjoying movies... This is possible thanks to the smells...

The spanish engineer Raúl Porcar is the creator of Olorama, a complete technology combining hardware, software and essences which allows to incorporate the smells to all the audiovisual formats.

Olorama Technology has been already tested succesfully on movie theaters, museums, and advertisement and now it is available for those who wish to enjoy movies with smells at home.

The next step towards virtual reality experiences

The technology aims to make the users enjoy a full sensory and inmersive experience by synchronizing smells with either the scenes or the sound. Each aromatizing device has been designed to release up to 12 different smells, the creator reached the conclusion that 12 different smells (some of them can be repeated along the movie) is enough for most of the movies.

Smells are natural essences, dissipating rapidly (which avoid smell mixing). This essences are bottled in cans, and a compact but powerful fan controls the space and the intensity of the smell.

The truly innovation of this invention is the poweful software integrating Olorama Technology, which allows a wireless synchronization with smell diffusors (aromatizers), with the different scenes of the movie. Furthermore, the software allow manual release of smells in real time through a smartphone or tablets.

From movie theaters to home

One of the main advantages of the Olorama Technology compared to previous failed attempts to incorporate smells in the cinema is flexibility, due to Olorama can be adapted to different spaces regardless the dimmensions: "Older attempts did not succedd due to, among others, the complex and high cost of these solutions. Enjoying Olorama at your home is affordable, and it is planned that be even more affordable after a few months. Either on movie theaters, or in your own home..." (claims Porcar).

An spanish technology with international recognisement

Olorama Technology is the result of more than 5 years of research and development. From the initial design of the software, the first prototype, and the current devices and software development, all is designed, developed and manufactured in Spain. Despite Olorama is a young company, there are different organizations and institutions in the portfolio of Olorama, even in the USA. A relevant example is IBM company, which has acquire several devices to test and integrate with pilot projects involving sensory experiences.

Also supported by "Fundación InnDEA Valencia (Spain)", Oloramahas been selected for the participation in the famous event: South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive 2016, celebrating in March 2016 in Austin (Texas). This USA event is one in the worldwide references in the industry of digital content creation.

Raúl Porcar, inventor de Olorama

Photo: Rafa Honrubia


Rut García
Communication department