Baby Smell: Babies recognize their mothers by the smell

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Baby Smell

Some days ago my friend surprised me with this question: “¿Do you remember the Baby Smell of your mother…?”. I honestly could answer proudly: “yes”.
Suddenly this conversation was opened to other people and lots of them agreed on the same: “yes, they remembered the smell of their mothers”. Furthermore, all we agreed that this smell produced in us a warmth and safety feeling…

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Believe it or not, the reason behind this strange phenomenon is quite simple. Babies born with a highly developed sense of the smell compared to adults (yes, babies can smell much more than we do…). This apparently causeless development responds to the need of being feed as soon as possible. After 24h (some scientists ensure even before…) babies can reject some nutriments based on their smell.
The survival instinct is so strong that babies hang on their mothers smell… To demonstrate this just see this examples:

  • If a woman washes one of her breasts, baby will prefer the other keeping the body smell of his mother.
  • If you put near to the baby something smelling like his mother (some clothes for example) and other object with other woman’s smells, baby will automatically turn his head towards the object smelling like his mother. This case is about the smell of his mother (nor his breastmilk…).
  • If during the night one baby is hungry, he can automatically (and completely in the dark) find the breast of his mother thanks to the sense of the smell…

Once their motion skills are getting better, the rest of senses become more developed and reach a comparable relevance. However the fact that smell be the first will be remembered for all your life.
Lots of brands know this very well and they are already stimulating the sense of the smell to increase sales: neuromarketing, sensory marketing, you can find plenty of terms for this…

At Olorama, through our Digital Smell Technology, we want to take a step forward and include scents to immersive VR experiences:

Smells for VR

Companies spend billions in offering new experiences to their clients… The objective is clear: offering to users A MORE REAL EXPERIENCE.

Virtual and Augmented Reality is here to stay… Unfortunately, we still can see many VR experiences next to Virtual and far from Reality…

Olorama ENHANCES VR EXPERIENCES THROUGH THE SENSE OF SMELL… Olorama allows VR developers converting a normal experience into a premium one at a lower cost.

Our technology combines hardware, software and essential oils to activate scents along with what is being shown at your display (Smell-O-Vision solution…). As our scents are based on natural extracts, the scents are ultra-realistic, dissipating rapidly, and they don”t produce scents mixing in the air…

If you want a list of the most popular scents based in our customers preferences simply download the list in pdf. To get your Olorama system now please click here.

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