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smell-o-vision technology

Smell-O-Vision Story

Smell-o-Vision was our precursor, and here our tribute for them… If you want to learn more about Digital Scent Technology for movies follow this link: LEARN MORE What is “Smell-O-Vision”? Smell-O-Vision was basically scent emitting system that can release scents from individual movie theatre seats created by Hans Laube. The system was first brought to…
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ready player one

Ernst Cline predicted that in the future our homes will be equipped with scent systems

The bestselling novel by the famous writer Ernst Cline (Ready Player One, 2011) makes it clear: Wade (or Parzival, his avatar in Oasis, a Virtual Reality simulator with which a dystopian world has become obsessed) is the novela’s main character, and Cline says that he possesses a set of latest-generation equipment to fully submerge himself…
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The real history of smells in the cinema

Incorporating the smell in the theaters has been one of the most important challenges in the film industry since the beginning. Long before the sound or the color was introduced, there were a lot of attempts to bring scents to the big screen, that didn’t convince anyone, neither their own creators. More than 120 years…
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