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Olorama Digital Scent Technology

Jose Andres and Raul Porcar (our CEO)

Great success of Olorama at SXSW Summit (Austin, Tx)

Olorama has been the sensation in the spanish booth at SXSW (Austin, Tx) by attracting more than 500 visitors… Among others, the famous and great chef Jose Andres, one of the spanish most famous chef, who even counts with his own TV Show in USA and has a great popularity… The visits did not stop…
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The smell, the sense that could be recovered thanks to technology…

With the nose over the dish still smoking, more than one famous television chef would say “it would be great to feel this smell at your home!”, blaming to TV screens not being capable of overcome the sensory barrier… Thanks to Olorama Technology, this barrier is simply something of the past… Here you can read…
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Great interview to Raul Porcar, founder at Olorama Technology

It’s very complicated to innovate in the audiovisual sector. Olorama Technology offer a new opportunity: incorporate the sense of the smell. This is how Raul Porcar starts the interview, the creator and founder of the Olorama TechnologyTM. The interview aim is to share how the idea came to the founder to create OloramaTM, what are…
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Olorama in Antena3 news

In Matí­as Prats (on of the famous News presenter in Spain) words, Thanks to Olorama Technology and our aromatizing devices we can already smell the ending

Article in spanish newspaper Las Provincias

One night, more than 5 years ago, watching a famous TV show, the creator of Olorama Technology (Raul Porcar), saw how in the studio something exploted and the presenter said: “I would love that you could smell the same that we do…”. (click here to read the complete article in spanish…). Link to the original…
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