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Olorama Digital Scent Technology

Escape Rooms con olores

Scented Escape Rooms: Allowing Immersion with All Five Senses

Scented Escape Rooms: Allowing Immersion with All Five Senses Escape rooms became popular for their immersive and transporting experience. By creating near-real environments of various nature they actually can offer us a different kind of entertainment which can play equally meaningful role for our psycho-somatic development. Just imagine walking in an old fortress smelling gunpowder…
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Scent for multiple VR users

Scents synchronized with 360 videos

Thanks to Olorama you can enjoy of cinematic VR experiences with scents… Checking media resources of past projects we found this… This was an event for MediaSaturn (Ingolstad, Germany), where up to 4 multiple VR smell users could enjoy of 360 videos with scents… Furthermore, at the end of this brief video you can see…
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Prepare your breakfast and smell the ingredients thanks to Olorama Technology

Prepare your breakfast and smell the food

The “Olorama breakfast experience” is an Immersive VR smell game where you have to prepare your breakfast and, you know what? You can smell all the ingredients in the process… Awesome, isn’t it? You can cook sausages and get the appetizing smell of the smoked sausages in your nose: And of course, how about getting…
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Olorama adds scents to EyeQuestion Virtual Reality

EyeQuestion, world leader in Web-based sensory and consumer research software, explain how easy and useful is integrating scents with Olorama into sensory experiences… Thank you guys and keep going…! (Please click in the Play button below to start…)      

The scents of Grease Film (1978)

On its 40th anniversary, Grease, the most beloved musical of all time, has returned to the big screens in a restored 4K copy, thanks to Milano Film Festival and Logic. Thanks to Olorama Technology and Esterni (a Milano based agency), the film has been screened with Olorama Smell-O-Vision Solution “with fragrances released inside the cinema”…
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Olorama&Lâncome provide immersive experiences with scents synchronized

Immersive Experiences Here the video of Lâncome event, one of the most important brands of l’Oreal. This is a collective experience (more than 20 simultaneous users) in one of the most innovative workshops of the congress… Olorama featured 3 videos (in headsets) with up to 8 different scents synchronized. The experience surprised greatly the audience,…
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Olorama selected to participate at Tech Rally in Berlin (May, 5th to 10th)

We’re proud to announce that Olorama Technology has been one of the 14 companies selected to participate at Tech Rally, which in words of the organizers, Tech Rally Berlin 2017 aims: “Connecting the physical community, industry, and city networks of Berlin€“ Startup Germany, VR NOW CON, and Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH have joined forces. Together these…
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Advanced technology on board the world’s premier cruise ships

The image of the cruise world has recently undergone a transformation, with ships going from being viewed as floating hotels for older people to an attractive option packed with original activities for all ages, in which new visual and multimedia technologies and robotics play key roles. The Royal Caribbean cruise line has been on the…
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VR Theme Parks: Between Real And Unreal

Virtual reality is spreading its entertainment zone: now it’s not only sitting on the couch with a pair of headset! Recently it expanded into the whole new level: cinematic VR experiences and VR theme parks. Everything started in New York Both of them are pretty new for VR community. Not that long time ago there were…
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