What do we do today? At the center there’s an exhibition, and it’s not the typical one. Games on giant screens, a live concert … And in the room at the back? A video on the brand.​ Wow.​.. Have you hear about virtual reality? If you have… suddenly the smell of barley wafts up from under the goggles. When it’s over we run to the bar to have a beer.

Do you remember how good it tasted?

A competitive advantage for your business

The communications industry, museums, hotels, amusement parks… these facilities keep on innovating in order to secure loyal clients and customers. But it is getting harder and harder to surprise them.

Olorama TechnologyTM offers you a high-demand marketing tool. This is an opportunity to incorporate a new and crucial human sense into your projects: smell. It can transport one to his childhood, trigger memories or create new ones … even change moods!

You’ve never experienced anything like it

Olorama TechnologyTM is the world’s only portable system that effectively release scents activated by software, and features a communication app linked to the devices so that they can be programmed in a simple and intuitive way (including DMX).

Our aromatizer covers an area of approximately 15m2, with up to 10 cartridges containing scents that do not mix and are not intrusive. We also offer a Large Spaces device that covers spaces up to 150m2, and with a very competitive installation price.

Virtual Reality with smells

Flexibility for your success

From open spaces to theaters, stands for fairs, small or large auditoriums, or even Virtual Reality with smells. Olorama TechnologyTM have different models of devices suited to your spaces and the number of scents you need. Tell us about your needs and we will provide you with the best solution (even if you only need it for one day). Our staff will be there to give you all the support you need and to make sure that your project is a hit.

At Olorama TechnologyTM we have over 70 high-quality, safe, and realistic scents in stock,
but we also offer custom-made scents if your project calls for them.

Already enjoying Olorama TechnologyTM in their projects

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