Frequent asked questions

Olorama TechnologyTM integrates smells into the audio-visual, multimedia, gaming and immersive experience areas …

How does it work?

Its simple operation is what makes Olorama TechnologyTM the only one to effectively incorporate scents into your projects.
Basically, the technology consists of completely wireless aromatisers (which makes installation very simple) that emit software-controlled scents … This flexibility in the design of Olorama TechnologyTM makes it possible to introduce scents into any application (movies, advertising, audiovisual projections, games, etc…).

Olorama TechnologyTM also offers a device developed and patented by OloramaTM for integration with your movie player (DVD or Blu-ray). Thus, you can enjoy your favorite movies, with scents, right at home…

Finally, the scents are bottled in cartridges that are easily installed into the aromatisers. Replacing the cartridges is so simple that even a child could do it …
Just try it and see!

What you need to install Olorama TechnologyTM

OloramaTM has different models of aromatisation devices depending on how they will be used (cinemas, homes, large spaces, auditoriums, or even booths …!):

– Wireless aromatizer: this is the standard version. A compact wireless device (less than 30 cm tall), with a capacity for 10 or 12 aromas and that covers an approximate area of ​​25m2. If you need to cover a larger area, you just have to replicate the number of devices to achieve a perfect synchronization of scents with your audiovisual content.
– Wireless aromatizer for movie theaters: a compact version of the aromatizer for installation in cinemas (approx. 1 device for every 10 viewers).

Just share the details of your project with our Sales Department and we’ll tell you which device(s) is most appropriate for you (sometimes you may need to employ different models on the same project …).

Installing new scents

Olorama TechnologyTM will automatically alert you when your cartridges are running low … For new cartridges just visit our online store (
We will send you your order in less than 1 week, and you can easily replace the cartridges yourself … The technology is designed to make everything quick and fast, so that nothing stops you from enjoying Olorama TechnologyTM.

Don’t the scents mix?

Olorama TechnologyTM only uses scents of the highest quality, from natural extracts. As a result, they contain no chemicals prolonging their effects, like those used in air fresheners or even perfumes …

Moreover, the scents are carefully selected by Olorama TechnologyTM staff, engineers and experts who have been working for more than 7 years on the technology, so they know exactly how to prevent the scents from mixing … You just need to test OloramaTM technology to confirm that how the scents do not mix, as was the case with previous attempts to integrate scents into the audiovisual sector …

Movies available

If you are a user of Olorama TechnologyTM for Home Theater, or are thinking about installing it, and were wondering what movies are available with scents, please use the contact form to get the list of the movies that you can enjoy with scents right in your own home …!
The company’s commitment is to offer 1-2 new titles each month, and you can add scents to your own movies too, provided you have the recording software developed by Olorama TechnologyTM.

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