You turn off the lights. The first images appear before your eyes.
The first notes of music sound in your left ear, then in your right… The smell of candy penetrates your nose. Is this what Willy Wonka’s factory smells like?

The dream of all home theater lovers!

A unique experience

Only with OloramaTM technology can audiences feel like the star of the film. The aromas envelop you in your home theater as if you were right there, because nothing can draw you into a film like scents can. Olorama TM technology is the first in the world integrating scents into movies, right in your own home.
Humans remember 1% of what they touch, 2% of what they hear, 5% of what they see, 15% of what they taste … and 35% of what they smell. Install OloramaTM technology and everybody will realize that it’s true. Nobody will want to leave the theater!

Quick installation

To experience this new cinematic sensation of enjoying movies with scents, all you need are some compact OloramaTM aromatization devices (available in packs of 24, 36 or 48 different scents).
Place the film you’re going to watch in your Blu-ray or DVD player. Your OloramaTM BDI (Blu-Ray Disc Integrator) will identify the film, check its internal database too see if it is available with aromas, and automatically begin a “Scent Movie Session“.

Always up to date

The catalogue of films featuring OloramaTM scents is constantly expanding. Movies are selected by our team when the sense of smell really enhances the film, producing a total immersion experience. And, if you connect your OloramaTM system to your home Internet service new movies with scents will be automatically added to your OloramaTM BDI, without you having to do anything.

When your cartridges are running low on scents the system will let you know, with flashing lights. Olorama will also be notified of the situation and we will contact you to suggest that you replenish your cartridges. With just one click, right from home!

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