There is nothing more immersive than scents

Nothing immerses you more in a setting than do scents … if you want to stand out from the competition, you can’t limit yourself to offering just images, or surround sound … you have to take it one step further

Man’s sense of smell is his most primordial and essential. So, it’s about time you took advantage of its enormous potential to dazzle your customers…

OloramaTM devices offer ultra-realistic scents to round out your facility with a unique sensation: smell. We are not experts in olfactory marketing … what sets us apart is that we offer a unique solution to synchronise scents with what really matters: your creativity …

From a small booth, or a room, to a space of 500 m2 with a number of different areas … we offer a solution scalable to all types of spaces. To make integration easy, you can control our devices via DMX or UDP messages (API).

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