Lâncome, one of the most important brands of l’Oreal, understood that products such Olorama Technology constituted an exceptional tool to train to their staff on new products…

Hence, Lâncome contracted the Olorama services for events on their international Education&Retail Congress in Cannes (France), between 12th and 15th of June (2018).

We performed a collective experience (more than 20 simultaneous users) in one of the most innovative workshops of the congress… We played 3 videos (in headsets) with up to 8 different scents synchronized. The experience surprised greatly (and gladly) the audience, trainers and very specialized proffessionals of the brand (difficult to impress I must say).

Olorama&Lâncome provide immersive experiences

Hope this becomes a big partnership between Olorama and Lâncome worldwide…!

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