You walk down the carpeted hallway and into the movie theater… you find your seat…
The lights dim… you clutch your bucket of popcorn to your chest… open your eyes…
and… surprise! The smell of freshly cut grass sucks you right into the film.

No one will forget a movie they’ve seen with Olorama TechnologyTM!

A full house

Offering audiences new sensations is proving to be key to resuscitating what is an ailing industry. Olorama TechnologyTM represents a great opportunity.
95% of audience members who have already experienced it would be willing to pay more for tickets for films including scents, reflecting the growing demand for unique and surprising multi-sensory experiences that is revolutionizing consumers’ habits, especially in the field of entertainment.
Nobody will want to miss out on the experience of actually smelling your work. Are you ready?

Easy to install

Olorama TechnologyTM features very compact, hidden aromatization devices that are installed under seats (1 device for every 5-7 seats, depending on their size).
There is no need for cables or action by any employees, as the scents are released automatically, synchronized with the film, and with uniform distribution.
Installing them is very simple, so in less than a week you can have a theater equipped with Olorama TechnologyTM and offer audiences a complete audiovisual experience.

Smells guaranteed

The aromas used by Olorama TechnologyTM come from essential oils, based in natural extracts, which is what makes them so realistic. They contain no agents prolonging their effects, such as those used in air fresheners, so they quickly dissolve, in 1 to 2 minutes or less.
Each new scent is sensed by the viewer in all its intensity, with no mixtures spoiling or diluting a perfect experience.
These scents are fully certified as safe, non-toxic and allergen-free, making Olorama TechnologyTM a system suitable for children and adults alike.
Everyone can enjoy it!

Olorama TechnologyTM is open to all creators
who are open-minded, sensitive, responsible… Who want to be amazed more,
feel more, choose more, experience more, be moved more …

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