The truth about bad smells

Olorama Digital Scent Technology

Before deeping on the Olorama Digital Scent Technology, which provides (amont others) Immersive VR Smell experiences, I want to share with you with this thought maybe will dissapoint you: “Good or bad smells don’t exist”.

Smells are molecules in the air that our bring learnt how to interpret… Why a rotten egg smells bad…? Well, let’s think on the firsts hominids… The evolution selected those individuals which trusted in their sense of the smell for choosing what they could eat and what do they not. That’s very simple, those individuals that used to eat rotten food (and thus might be corrupted, or contain toxic bacterias) often died for intoxication, and they didn’t procreate.

On the other hand, the individuals that had the hability to say: “Watch! I don’t like how this is smelling… I won’t eat this…”, they got a higher survival, and generally procreated more than those not capable of perceiving bad smells or simply ignored them…

But it’s something curious what happens with some food like CHEESE… As you well know cheese are bacteria that transform milk and its cream in cheese… Despite it’s delicious (in the most of these varieties), not necessarily smells fine… The reason is our brain is alerting: “Hey guy, here I can smell bacterias, be careful…”.

Fortunately humans know how to control this process to avoid risks for our health, even we can eat even moldy cheese safely (and, what a coincidence! that’s the cheese smelling the worst…!), but our hominid brain still is warning us it is perceiving potentially dangerous elements through the sense of the smell… Amazing isn’t it?).

This is the reason we don’t use bad smells in Olorama often… The sense of the smell is something very delicate. It took long time and hundred of thousand euros to develop and bring Olorama Technology to the market, and now we don’t want to ruin the user experience at all…!

However we can incorporate “not too much unpleasant smells” if our customers required (of course cheese is one we have included), but we always provide assesment on how, when, and which intensity is the best to mitigate the “evolution effects” that bad smells produce in our brain.

Click here for more information on our Smell-O-Vision solution… If you need more info about how Olorama Technology can help you to provide more immersive VR experiences user our contact form, thank you!

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