MAEVA presentation with Olorama Technology

Olorama Digital Scent Technology

Last 18th of February took place the presentation of the new book catalogue of “Ediciones Maeva” (Madrid, Spain) with the Olorama Technology. The audience of the meeting was around 150 assistants.

OloramaTM Technology surprises the audience with scents such wood (to remind the basic material of the books: paper), orange blossom, chocolate or Spa (among others). On of the most amazing moments was the presentation of “The princess and the peas”, where an ultra-realistic scent of peas was released, what definitively astonished the audience.

Other fascinating scents released was: wet ground, fresh grass or pastry shop… All of them released sinchronously with the current book presentation, and completely in harmony with the story of the book.

For further information on how OloramaTM Technology can help you in your presentations visit this page.

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