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Olorama Smell of the sea

The unmistakable smell of the sea

Who hasn’t been to their favorite beach, alone or in company, and perceived the characteristic smell of the sea? But do we really know where that smell comes from? The unforgettable smell of the sea is the result of a mix of chemical substances contained in the sea salt, fishes or wet rocks… Inside this perfume…
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White musk

Musk has been a primary ingredient on a wide variety of perfumes, and it’s one of the finest and most expensive components, very desired by perfumists. Its rare and misterious aroma and its ability for fixing fragances make it the star ingredient for perfumes… The origin of musk Musk is extracted from the genital glands…
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Grasse: an awakening of the senses

Grasse is the international capital of perfume. Located at the Provence, near Mediterranean sea: 14km far from Cannes and 30 of the Nice airport. Perfume is an identity sign of the Grasse city, which attracts every year to thousands of tourists&professionals. Among the 200 perfumers in the world, 40 come from Grasse… And all thanks…
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primary smells

The primary smells

According to scientists, all aromas that humans can perceive can be divided in 10 basic smells (primary smells). Do you want to know which are they? One of the most prestigious magazines in the world completed an study where 144 different smells were analyzed. These scents were extracted from an “Olfactive atlas”. The researchers employed…
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Google Nose Beta

Google Nose Beta

What would you say if you could smell the results after a Google Search…? This is what Google promises with Google Nose Beta… In fact there’s a lot of jokes due to the “April fool’s day”… In 1995 the BBC played a similar joke… They interviewed a University professor who guaranteed the definitive smell system……
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Smelly animals

The smells for survival

Many animals born with an unpleasant smell… The reasons are multiple, including defense or simply due to their habits… Probably they don’t worry much about their bad smell but, doubtless, when we see them, we prefer to remain far from them… Let’s see which smelly animals we can find on wild life and the reasons…
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Arizona Sunshine with smells 800x600

Scented VR Games

Our customers often ask the same thing: how can they incorporate smells in “that” VR game…? Integration in games, movies or any experience is a common concern on all those landing in our website when searching for a Digital Scent Product… Despite that Olorama Technology provides a very straightforward communication interface to activate scents (an…
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covid 19

Anosmia and covid-19

We use to say that people that can’t see are blind… People that can’t hear suffer deafnes… But what about people that can’t smell…? Well, the right word is anosmia… Anosmia is total loss of smell… If what we experiment is partially loss of smell or decrease in the ability to sense smells then we…
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Neurological studies

The sense of smell and emotions

The sense of smell is, certainly, our best strategic ally for facing the challenges we found externally… It allows us to interact with the enviroment… Smells alert of dangerous situations… We can escape or attack based on what we smell… The smell connects us with the past and make us revive feelings and emotions… If…
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experiencias de RV cinematicas

Cinematic VR Experiences

First let’s focus in the essence… What do we understand by cinematic VR…? Well, in our opinion, cinematic VR is enjoying audiovisual content as never before… Ok… We know… This is too obvious…! This is why we’re going to deep on what we meant… If you want to lear how to provide immersive VR experiences…
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