Perfume: the story of a murderer

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El Perfume, historia de un asesino

Today I was browsing in the Internet and I got a reference of the popular film “Perfume: story of a murderer”. I read the novel firstly, and the movie (surprisingly) didn’t dissapoint me…

As I am a “smell maniac”, whilst I read the book I imagined all these odours: the finger of the boy (in the begining), that grimy fish… But also when Jean Baptiste distilled carnations, or when these women used the “enfleurage” to capture the delicate smell of those flowers… I must confess that we applied some of these techniques (with more or less success) in our fascinating “day-to-day”, but I promise we never killed anybody…!

Our scent generator is the first step to enjoy movies with scents… We can today provide more than 100 different scents, some of them awesome (and exclusive) smells like gunpowder or burning wheel… Other “more common scents” but, doubtlessly much more realistic that our competitors smells, as “chocolate”, “lemon”, “coffee” or “wet ground”…

You can access to our products by clicking here… Our scent generators ship worldwide, and, opposite to other products our smell generator is available 24x7x365 to allow your ideas become a reality and help you to succeed in your projects.


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