Prepare your breakfast and smell the food

Olorama Digital Scent Technology

Prepare your breakfast and smell the ingredients thanks to Olorama Technology

The “Olorama breakfast experience” is an Immersive VR smell game where you have to prepare your breakfast and, you know what? You can smell all the ingredients in the process… Awesome, isn’t it?

You can cook sausages and get the appetizing smell of the smoked sausages in your nose:

And of course, how about getting the smell of the heating coffee…? We can promise that this smell in particular will engage to our technology:

This app has been created for Samsung Gear VR and will be available soon at the Oculus Store (for free). In the midtime our customers can request it directly to us.

If you want to set apart of your competitors get olorama online and start enjoying Olorama…!

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