Olorama BASIC – 20 smells

Olorama BASIC – 20 smells


Enjoy Olorama smell technology on its BASIC version (20 smells) and its collection of movies featuring scents on your PC.



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If you’re someone who likes to try out all the latest products and features, and to amaze your friends, the BASIC option allows you to enjoy 24 different smells integrated into 2 easy-to-install dispensers….

Play your favorite film using Olorama Player Software for Windows and you’ll soon appreciate how smells bring movies to life like nothing else, immersing you in the experience.

What the PACK includes:

– 2 Olorama scent devices with 10 pre-loaded smells each (total: 20 smells).

– Software to play movies with built-in smell emission (Olorama Scent Player).

– Access to Olorama’s complete collected of “scented films” and to its updating and expansion service.