Olorama VIP – 40 smells

Olorama VIP – 40 smells


For a VIP experience in a VIP movie room. Reach the highest in a full inmersive experience. Straight from your DVD or Bluray player, with 40 different smells being emitted by dual dispensers for larger rooms (up to 12 viewers).




Because YOU WANT IT, but, above all, because YOU CAN…

The VIP pack includes 40 different smells emitted by dual dispensers (to cover larger surface areas while maintaining synchronization), 8 scent devices, a device for direct operation through your DVD or Bluray player (no PC required), and software so that you can program scents into your own movies (Olorama Recording Software).

Dazzle your guests with scented movies in your room seating up to 12 viewers (covering a greater surface area thanks to the dual scent dispensers), and add scents to your own films.

What the PACK includes:

– 2×4 Olorama dispensers with 10 pre-loaded smells each (total: 40 scents).

– Software to play movies with built-in smell emission (Olorama Scent Player).

– Access to Olorama’s complete collected of scented films and to its updating and expansion service.

– Software to program smells into your movies and videos (Olorama Scent Manager Software).

– A device for integration with your DVD or Bluray player.