Professional 20-Scents Generator

Professional 20-Scents Generator


Two professional 10-smells compact generators (total: 20 different smells).
The ultimate product to simulate scents in Virtual Reality projects (VR), showrooms, sensory PODs, events, museums, Escape Rooms, movies and/or immersive experiences.

DMX control supported
Easy integration. Software and SDK available without an extra cost
Available 24x7x365 (wired devices, no batteries!)





Two professional 10-scents olfactory devices.
20 scent cartridges of the customer’s choice (click here to check the smell library). PLEASE SPECIFY YOUR SELECTION IN THE NOTES FIELD WHEN ORDERING…
Software for triggering scents synchronized with the experience.


Patented Smell Simulator.
CE Mark.
Capacity: 20 smells.
Weight: 3,3lb.
Coverage: 150sq ft.
Duration of the smells cartridges per device: 100 shots for the minimum intensity (total 2x100x10 = 2.000 shots) (*).
Dimensions: 9,5×6,7×4,3 inches (26x19x13cm).
Olorama Smell Editor Software for personalizing scents available.

(*) for minimum intensity, ideally for reduced spaces or booths