Scent of a woman (1993)

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scent of a woman 1992scent of a woman 1992

Do you remember this movie?

Awesome masterpiece, not only by the magisterial interpretation of Al Pacino, but also by Chris O’Donnell (relatively unknown before this film).

The film is based on both characters… Frank Slade, a retired Colonel in the US army, who became blind after some exercises in the army (according to his nephew, the “Long Daniel’s” was responsable somehow of that incident), and Charlie Simms, a humble student from Oregon who aspires to be treated as a part of the family of all those rich guys (he is at the school thanks to a scholarship…).

Mitic scenes as “I’m in the dark…!”, or the tango performed by The Colonel with Gabrielle Anwar… Something that will remain “for ages”… But we are not here to make a new “review” of the film, but rather to focus on something that we masterize: scents.

During the film there were multiple references to the scent of different women (6 in total). Here we’re describing one by one to remember how the Smell-O-Vision Solution of Olorama Technology can generate scents in your favourite movies and provide a complete experience and the fullest realism ever seen:

Frank deducted the hostess name is “Dafne” because that woman’s perfume is Floris, a british brand fragance… He had a weird theory about Californian women with british brand perfumes (we won’t it remind here…!), watch the movie again and get the full theory…

At this scene The Colonel smells the woman behind and just says:”Wonderful place…!”. We can easily imagine why…

Colonel smells to sister un law

Surprising way to say hello to your sister in law… The Colonel says: “let me sniff a little bit…”… “I’ve always been crazy about you…”… It’s not strange that his brother hated him a little bit…

Scent of a woman - colonel smells nephew's wife

Colonel says to his nephew’s wife (who attacks afterwards):”smells to arbutus”… A short research thrown that “Arbutus (or Arbutus Tree) Soaps” are very popular in U.S…

Mitic scene… No more words… The Colonel amaze Donna by recognizing the soap (I can understand smelling perfumes, but the soap? at such a long distance? This man must be part of our team now…!).

Afterwards The Tango Scene… Honestly… My hair stood on the end… The fantastic Tango song “Por una cabeza” by Carlos Gardel… In particular, I love how Al Pacino interprets a blind man here… The music and the couple dancing is, simply… Fantastic! Can you imagine also smelling the Ogilvie Soap? With the Olorama Digital Scent Technology you can already live it…

“Rock flower”… (says The Colonel to the red hair teacher). Once again he surprised a woman by guessing her perfume…

According to the manufacturer (Caron, Paris):

“A blend of fresh-cut flowers on a base of amber and precious wood”


Magnificient film which talks about honour, principles, fascination for women, and, last but not least, how the scents can, for blinding people, to become the perfect substitute of the sight… The sense of the smell if the most primitive in humans… Babies recognize their mothers by the smell (and not by the sight). Thanks to the Olorama Digital Smell Technology you can now incorporate a new sense into your projects: the sense of the smell.

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