Olorama Digital Scent Technology

We offer multiple integration options. You can integrate scents into Virtual Reality, screens, videos, games, smartphones and even via DMX …

We are, essentially, developers, which is why we offer such user-friendly integration solutions …


Our devices are accessible via ethernet. They accept a very simple command based on a UDP message (request the specifications here).


Olorama Scent Player is a piece of software that we offer at NO COST to our customers, so you can play your videos or movies and activate scents automatically.


We offer utilities for Unity and Unreal so that you just “copy and paste” the code and start enjoying scents immediately …


Our device is the only one that can be controlled by DMX. Directly from your software or through an ethernet-dmx converter.

Scent app

The only 
app available to activate scents from your smartphone

Download our app and you’ll be able to activate scents immediately after receiving your scent generator:

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