Scented Escape Rooms: Allowing Immersion with All Five Senses

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Escape Rooms con olores

Scented Escape Rooms: Allowing Immersion with All Five Senses

Escape rooms became popular for their immersive and transporting experience. By creating near-real environments of various nature they actually can offer us a different kind of entertainment which can play equally meaningful role for our psycho-somatic development.

Just imagine walking in an old fortress smelling gunpowder and amber while kingly decor all around helping you to make time-travel into history. Or just feel yourself in a dilapidated palace with creaky doors while the sound of the woodpeckers piercing the silence and walking past the large facades and dark alleys all you smell is the oozing damp air of wood logs and stones. If such experience involving all your senses sounds really impressive, you can savour it through Escape Rooms.

Before we explain the recent experiments with Escape Room Smells to provide a Comprehensive Sensorial Experience, let us have a quick look at the definition and benefits ff Escape Rooms.

What is an Escape Room?

It is basically a real-life adventure game within an immersive experience that helps you feel like a real character in the themed environment. Typically in such themed gamers spend an hour to complete the game mission before leaving the room. Inside the room the gamers are required to solve puzzles and find hidden items and clues to connect the missing links of the story.

Sometimes, immersive fusion of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies are used to help the gamers completely lose any sense of separation from the surrounding environment. For example, wearing a VR headset you walk inside a room themed after famous Frank Kafka short story “Metamorphosis” and inside the room you instantly recognise that your body has become that of a giant mole. The room filled with Kafkaesque details with bed, writing table, a window offering glimpses of outdoor snowfall and a large cupboard hides the key that you need to find and use to escape through the other door.

Are Escape Rooms Just Fun? How It Benefits?

Primarily, the immersive experience of the escape rooms offer us great entertainment and fun. But apart from the fun element, it achieves something that other on-screen mobile games fail to do. For example, by completely making our senses immerse inside the room environment, it offers a complete relief and a fun-break from our overtly purposive approach to life. Let’s have a quick look at the key advantages of Escape Rooms.

  • It brings us a positive and jubilant mood.
  • It helps in improving concentration.
  • It boosts memory power.
  • It helps improve problem solving abilities.
  • It helps us learn collaboration and work in a team environment.
  • Finally, Escape Rooms are also great for introducing people with the latest immersive technologies.

Escape Rooms with Olorama Scent Generators: The Last Frontier of Immersive Experience

Can anyone ever think of getting the appropriate smell of an environment while entering an escape room? Well, the experiment of providing the right smell as per environment has already been undertaken by several museums and historical venues, this new element has just started to become as a backbone of immersive escape rooms. Whether you could ever think of experiencing scents of the environment within an Escape Room or it just seems to be too ahead of time, it is already a reality now in many themed rooms.

(change this as pirates never existed at Wild West…). Yes, the imagination itself invokes the smell of rhum, seasoned old wood and damp salty breeze bellowing through the window. Thanks to the Olorama Digital Smell Technology, you can feel this and not imagine anymore…

Utilising All the Senses for True Immersion

Until now, visual experiences was the backbone of most escape room experiences across the niches. The immersive audio sound accompanying movements and the surrounding environment has also become an element of havoc importance for creating the sense of immersion. Touch experience has already been incorporated into such environments. Haptic Touch technology has been a great help to make this possible. With the inclusion of environment Olorama Technology scents, the full sensorial circle looks complete.

What are the key implications for the audience?

At the outset, the games with themed scents will always be received with a massive welcome since the gamers find the experience more immersive and truly integrated with the audiovisual-touch experience. The element of smell will help in extending the immersive power of the escape room. In several other ways apart from the sensory immersion, the smell experience can add value to the experience of the audience (being a new part of the game).

Different smells work differently on every mind. Naturally, Olorama Smell-O-Vision Technology allows to personalise the scent based upon the preference the audience. A smell can induce a happy mood in the audience or can just make the audience feel more energetic.

Until now escape rooms could only try to catch up the imagination of the gamers through detailed visuals and audio experience. Now that the scents have come as another major source of sensory experience, thanks to the scent generators of Olorama Digital Scent Technology the inside experience of a gamer is bound to be more immersive than ever before.


Immersion has long been the Immersive VR for the tech innovations ranging from 3D and HD to VR and AR technologies. The Nintendo game Pokemon Go and its phenomenal success has been a milestone to inspire generations of game developers. The scented escape rooms are likely to take the lead from here. Olorama Digital Smell Technology have completed immersive experience of all senses inside today’s escape rooms.

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