See, hear and, the latest in virtual reality: smell

Olorama Digital Scent Technology

Virtual reality (VR) is here to stay… VR has until know be present mostly in the field of videogames, but no it’s time to take the leap towards being essential in fields such education, turism, medicine or culture…

Different VR experiences has been presented in Immersed Europe, the meeting that took place in The University of Murcia (Spain). Murcia has become the first forum of International Inmersed Meetings, as those organized by Immersive Technology Alliance, ITA, promoting the development and diffusion of VR and Inmersed Technologies.

As a leader in the scent technology, applied to sensory projects, OloramaTM has been present in this important event, joint to InMediaStudio.. The OloramaTM Technology was responsible of aromatising the experiences of those who probed the “Teletransportation cabin” developed by inMediaStudio, designed to provide different sensory experiences including VR, heating, and of course, scents…

The sight, the hearing, and the smell (besides of heating) has been 3 of the senses estimulated in a paradisiac island, a nice party in Ibiza, visiting Madrid in a raining day or even driving a competition boat…!

How was the experience? A complete success… Again “the whole is worthly than the parts”, OloramaTM is the strategic partner for all those companies involved and betting for VR, which can now provide a new sensory experience with success: the smell.

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