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Olorama Digital Scent Technology

Neurological studies

Smell: the overlooked sense …

Babies don’t recognise their mothers by sight or hearing, but rather by smell … If you want to understand and make an impact on someone, whether a child or adult, how can you overlook how they interpret scents?

Man’s sense of smell is his most primordial and essential. Olorama devices offer ultra-realistic scents to round out your facility with a unique sensation: smell. Thus, it’s about time you took advantage of its enormous potential…


Professional Smell Generator

Perhaps the appropriate technology had never existed before… but now it does, and you can deliver ultra-realistic scents, both pleasant (or others, like smoke, or gunpowder, etc.), thanks to Olorama Technology … the only professional technology to synchronise different smells with images, music, interactive experiences…

You can integrate our scents into your application or program through a simple API. Olorama is the only smell technology providing DMX control.

Olorama Compact Scent Generator

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