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Olorama Digital Scent Technology

Neurological studies

Smell: the overlooked sense …

Babies don’t recognise their mothers by sight or hearing, but rather by smell … If you want to understand and make an impact on someone, whether a child or adult, how can you overlook how they interpret scents?

Man’s sense of smell is his most primordial and essential. Olorama devices offer ultra-realistic scents to round out your facility with a unique sensation: smell. Thus, it’s about time you took advantage of its enormous potential…


Professional Smell Generator

Perhaps the appropriate technology had never existed before… but now it does, and you can deliver ultra-realistic scents, both pleasant (or others, like smoke, or gunpowder, etc.), thanks to Olorama Technology … the only professional technology to synchronise different smells with images, music, interactive experiences…

For the education sector, or sensory experiments with real people… Olorama offers the perfect scent solution for your studies… Olorama is the only smell technology providing (among others) DMX control.

Olorama Compact Scent Generator

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