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Let’s talk about what we are the most concentrated on: scents! It is one of the senses which gives a perception to the environment. Our actions and even mood depends on the scents we are smelling. No wonder why there were many attempts to incorporate scents into different technologies. The attempts started in 1906 with scents incorporation into theatre and continues to nowaday with an audiovisual industry. It would be unfair to compare scents technology back then and now. But we can compare scents technologies on these days! It improved throughout the century and now it is easier to use and feel. But is it enough? We will try to answer this question.

We know that phrase “audiovisual industry” sounds very abstract. To be more clear, this is what you should know: you could find Digital Scent Technology in cinemas, VR games, theme parks, museums, and even at your own home! Besides Olorama Technology, there are two other companies, which incorporates scents in such venues: FeelReal and 4DX.

FeelReal VR mask

Starting with FeelReal, it is worth mentioning that it is a mask, which contains an odor generator, wind generators, water mist openings and a microphone. It is VR mask for video games and movies which has 22 different scents including ocean, fire, strawberries and others. Even though with the mask you can feel up to five different senses, the question is if you can feel the complete immersion with your face isolated in a mask. With the room-scale tracking getting more popular, there is a risk that it will be difficult to move in VR world with a huge mask all around your face.

More effects for movie theaters

Next up we have company called 4DX which provides consumers with advanced movie theaters. As you can tell from description, this company concentrates more on the cinema industry. They incorporate not only scents, but chair motion, wind and bubbles as well. Unfortunately, scents diffusers are located only in one place: in the front of the first row. That means non-uniform scents distribution for the audience.

Olorama: Wireless scents technology

Finally: Olorama Technology! Olorama is the company which incorporates scents into VR/AR world efficiently. With unique wireless technology we achieve the complete immersion for the user. Olorama Technology has developed more than 70 different scents and growing everyday. They are based on natural extracts so they disappear rapidly. Starting from such unique scents as wet ground or fresh cut grass, the scents of the beach, and all kind of food&drinks (bacon, pizza, chocolate or coffee to name a  few…). It is not interrupting VR player in any way since it is light, easy to install and use and is barely noticeable. Although we are proud to present Olorama among other Digital Scent Technologies, we believe in perfection and improvement. We are working everyday to make it even better for the consumer.

Finally, we can say without any doubt that technology is evolving us more and more everyday. People are trying to add different senses to it to make the experience different and memorable. Scent is one the most important senses which adds immersive feeling to the consumer.

2 Responses

  1. marko says:

    The mask has problems with putting it on every time and removing as well. With the Olorama technology, are the scents not getting mixed too? There is no barrier to putting them in different spots, but there are no distribution limits when they get mixed? Having enough of them will certainly give a good experience with scents.

  2. olo_root says:

    Our scents dissapear rapidly due to:

    1. They are based on natural extracts, do not containg chemical or other “fixing” particles to prolong their effects.
    2. Our devices incorporate fans which removes the scents from the user fast. On average, you should install 1 device per 15sq meters (or 100 feet).

    We are proud to guarantee (after testing on more than 2.000 users) that scents don’t mix and the olfactory experience is perfect. Hope this helps, thanks for your comment…!

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