VR Pack


One 10-scents Compact Aromatizing Device
10 scents cartridges of the customer's choice (click here for a list of most popular scents based in our customers preferences). PLEASE SPECIFY YOUR SELECTION IN THE COMMENTS FIELD OF YOUR ORDER.
Software + API for triggering scents synchronized with the experience
360 Video (4min length), with scents synchronized (for Samsung Gear VR)


Patented device.
CE Mark.
Capacity: 10 smells.
Weight: 2.5Kg (59.5lb).
Coverage: 15sq meters (160sq ft).
Sincronization: emissions 3 seconds before the scene.

Duration of the smells cartridges: 100 shots for the recommended intensity (total 100x10 = 1.000 shots).
Dimensions: 9,5x6,7x4,3 inches.


Smart device for VR, movies and videos with scents synchronized... Scents don't mix at all in the air and changing smell cartridges is really easy.

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Taylor Wallace
Great Device!!!

The device itself was amazing. Perfect for watching movies for kids, and adults. My family watched the film Ratatouille, scents are synchronized with the movie. Also, the scents are very precise. Very happy and satisfied.

J Vera

This devices are extraordinary. Scents that comes out are very real (strawberry, cheese, lemon, vanilla, chocolate, coffee... but also rain, fire or fresh grass...). Very happy with it. We definitely enjoyed VR as never before. Thank you guys!

Justina Ziu
Nice immersive VR experience

Something new, I didin't expect that. Recommend for everyone, expecially those who are into VR experiences.

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G.D Gomez

Enorme experiencia... Un gran avance para la Realidad Virtual

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Jonathan Gilbert

Great product for VR and immersive experiences

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Sánchez A.
VR Experience

I went to an event called Caixa Forum in Madrid. The company was there promoting their product, I tried the VR experience with the technology and it was amazing. The experience was unforgettable. Feels completely in a different world. It was unreal. Very pleased with the experience. Gracias.

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VR Pack

VR Pack

Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) pack including 10 smells compact aromatizing device (WAD).

Easy integration. Software and API available.

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