The unmistakable smell of the sea

Olorama Digital Scent Technology

Olorama Smell of the sea

Who hasn’t been to their favorite beach, alone or in company, and perceived the characteristic smell of the sea? But do we really know where that smell comes from?
The unforgettable smell of the sea is the result of a mix of chemical substances contained in the sea salt, fishes or wet rocks… Inside this perfume there is a smelly note which predominates over the rest: dimethyl sulfide.

It is the product of the bacterial decomposition of dimethylsulfoniumpropionate (DMSP), a very abundant substance in the cells of microscopic algae of the phytoplankton.

Humans also have great sensitivity to detect DMSP by smell. We perceive very low quantities. Its aroma is sometimes mild and pleasant, similar to that of corn or cooked vegetables, but other times it is sharper and resembles the smell of cauliflower.

To be honest, the sea doesn’t exactly smell good… Perhaps it is our perception, the lived experience, the memories, those afternoons at sunset… Perhaps all this makes us have a pleasant memory, and therefore perceive a pleasant smell but it is not only the DMSP that makes it, and that is that we humans are so complex (and rich in nuances) that we can even deceive our senses …

Thanks to Olorama you can reproduce up to 200 different smells… Each Smell Device is equipped with 10 aromas (interchangeable), and to enjoy more smells you just have to replicate the equipment. Welcome to the REAL SENSE EXPERIENCE.