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Keep the customer longer in the store using Christmas VR

When Christmas is just around the corner, it’s all about the mood: fairy lights in the streets, Christmas music in the supermarkets, sparkly decorations everywhere. Not talking about the question which pops in everyone’s head recently: what to give to our beloved ones?

When it comes to marketers, everyone wants to make customer’s experience pleasant and make him to keep longer. It seems that virtual reality is one of the ways to do that. VR is following trends and not only lifts our Christmas mood, but also tries to make our shopping experience easier.

Back in 2014 Eon Reality suggested different VR Christmas story. Back then they had a client who wanted to improve holiday sales and their customer experience. A retail complex in Singapore called [email protected] wanted to create something that makes the customer stay longer. Finally, Eon Reality suggested interactive Christmas story which made the whole experience memorable and different from others.

We can strongly claim that it definitely doesn’t look like the traditional Santa-in-the-mall holiday experience. Eon Reality says that during this time parents, stayed in the store longer and were exposed to the mall’s advertisements, brands, and products. Happy children equals happy parents.

Well, it was back in 2014. How VR improved during 2 years?

Santa Claus for one day

Last Christmas Coca-Cola created a VR ride with the reindeers. Sounds fun, right? Long queue was waiting to try this amazing experience using Oculus Rift. We bet everyone of us secretly wished to be a Santa Claus at least for one day. Oculus Rift and Coca cola made this dream come true:

John Lewis magical garden

So, what have marketers prepared for us in 2016? We expect something magical, new and different. Like every year, John Lewis recently came with their emotional Christmas advert. In addition to this, John Lewis Oxford Street lets you play in Buster’s garden with Christmas VR experience. Customers can interact with different animals in a VR installation. The installation makes you feel like on a real trampoline. Well done, John Lewis!

Discover Christmas through the sense of smell

Finally, last but not least, Olorama this year suggest something different: feel the Christmas spirit through the sense of smell. Those who wants not only see, but also smell the magical VR we suggest the smells of fireplace, sweets, tangerines, pines, chocolate, gingerbread or cinnamon…

Start Christmas differently with VR and Olorama and enjoy unforgettable experiences! You can find full list of smells here:

What kind of smells reminds you of Christmas? Discover the smells of Christmas thank to Olorama Digital Smell Technology

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