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Olorama Digital Scent Technology

Hello world!

Today, we are delighted to inaugurate the Olorama Blog. Those of you who don’t know us will ask: What is Olorama?

Let’s start from the beginning. In January 2013 the Valencian engineer Raúl Porcar patented a new technology to introduce smell to digital video: Olorama. Raul says it all started over 5 years ago when he was watching El Hormiguero TV show when the show presenter, on exploding something, commented that he wished the viewers at home could smell what he was smelling at that moment.

That turned on a little light in Raúl’s head and he asked himself: “Why wasn’t TV invented with smell?€. Raúl began making research and discovered that smell was introduced in the cinema before sound (in the early 20th century).

Later in the 60s, new attempts were made with films like Polyester or Scent-of-Mystery.

All these trials had the same drawbacks: bad-quality smells that didn’t go away quickly. The installations were highly complex (and costly) and the experience highly intrusive€, i.e. the viewer got impregnated with the smells (which were also low quality).

The Olorama Technology design has taken all these errors into account and designed a 100% pleasant and 0% intrusive solution, whose costs have also been drastically reduced since the installation is extremely simple.

This technology consists of Hardware, Software and essences to emit scents synchronised with a film sequences, creating a greater immersion in the content.

And now you will ask, how is it possible? Well, this is how:

The Software developed enables a scene’s smell to be recorded and then any audiovisual content (film, advertisement, presentation,etc.) to be reproduced, automatically emitting the smell at the given moment. The device is wireless and extremely compact (it only measures 24cm) and is placed underneath the seats (cinema), in ceilings or walls (homes, museums, etc.)

The possibilities are endless, from the incorporation of smells in exhibition halls, museums, hotels, advertising, theatres, events and even home cinema, offering over 100 essences of different intensities of the highest quality with fast evaporation. This technology guarantees that there is no mixing of smells, providing an unforgettable, unique audiovisual experience.

Imagine the following situation: you are in the living room at home watching The Hunger Games, or, still better, smelling the same smells as Katniss Everdeen while she wears that flaming dress. No need to imagine any more, this is now possible with Olorama.

We invite you into the kitchens of Ratatouille or into the world of Avatar.

Among the films in which the Olorama technology has already been incorporated are Maleficent, The Hobbit, Oz, Fantasia, Beauty and the Beast and Charlie and Chocolate Factory.

And you? What film scene would you like to smell? Share it with us!

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