Magic Leap: all is a revolution

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magic leap

When you talk of using virtual or augmented reality headsets, the aim is to provide an nearly impossible experience to the users. It is like a watercolour-painted rhino is making a run inside your quiet office space in New York. But it is no longer impossible thanks to the immersive AR experience provided by headsets like Magic Leap. The latest goggles from the company are likely to replace all devices and high-tech screens in our lives to deliver a never-before AR experience.

First of all, the painted rhino that can appear realistically right in your environment, due to Magic Leap One offers a three-dimensional view. The best part is that the headset allows one just walk in front of the rhino. The illusion seems to achieve a fascinating level of visual immersion no headset could achieve as of today. But it’s just the beginning and there’s more to reveal.

Leaps and Lenses

All the wireless AR/VR gears need a respectable computing potential, commonly incorporated in the goggles. Magic Leap requires an additional hardware (a tiny computing device) called Lightpack, responsible of providing high quality experiences. You need to sling it around the shoulder before you wear the goggles.

Magic Leap Lightpack

The aspect where Magic Leap can really astonish you the most is its field of view. There are less limitations compared to the field of view of HoloLens. To be precise, Magic Leap is more effective in rendering virtual objects compared to other products, and this is possible principally because of the better field of view.

Magic Leap visors are capable to provide an increased amount of peripheral vision compared to HoloLens. This actually helps in increasing the ratio of non-augmented space to augmented space in the field of view to create more immersive viewing experience. This is something that the company worked upon intently and produced something awesome. When there is a lot of buzz on pushing the last boundary to deliver full immersion by incorporating the Olorama Professional VR Smell Technology, there cannot be any shortcomings with the field of view.

When it comes to sensorial stimulation for optimum immersion, Magic Leap can be regarded as the most inspiring milestone among the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality headsets in the market. With Magic Leap as you gets closer to the object, nothing is cut from the field of view while maintaining the same immersion throughout.

A Futuristic VR|AR Experience

If you have had frustrations with other VR lenses and headsets Magic Leap can be a rescuer from that. The software running behind the goggles makes a big contribution to this. However big an object you experience or however close it seems to be, the field of view just doesn’t allow cutting any part. That’s really a unique and exclusive value proposition of Magic Leap.

The virtual objects shown through the lenses fulfill more than acceptably the expectations of the users. Instead of making things appear “like ghosts”, it maintains the real life-like quality of visuals throughout. It is less rigid as a Virtual Reality solution and insists more on visual quality than mixing the virtual with the real. Unlike the erstwhile 3D space which were less immersive and more focused on utilising the visuals for practical needs, Magic Leap focuses more on breaking the rigidity of virtual while presenting the objects in real life settings. The immersion apart, for the first time we have a Virtual Reality headset that takes into consideration every aspect of visual experience.

You are invited to discover an enhanced natural experience while using Magic Leap. Though it offers several menu options, just by using the virtual menu you can literally control the overall experience. You can really find yourself in a other-worldly experience secluded totally from reality while walking through virtual environments such as a remote jungle terrain or a Himalayan village. Can you imagine incorporating scents to this amazing experience? Thanks to the Olorama Digital Scent Technology you don’t have to imagine it: you can feel it…

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