Definitive Smell-O-Vision Solution

Olorama digital
smell technology
implements definitively

Hans Laube is regarded as one of the founding figures of smell-o-vision approach to audiovisual-smell experience.

Now Olorama provides a professional smell technology to incorporate into theaters the sense of smell.

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You walk down the carpeted hallway and into the movie theater… you find your seat…
The lights dim… you clutch your bucket of popcorn to your chest… open your eyes…
and… surprise!

The smell of strawberries and cheese sucks you right into the film…

No one will forget a movie they’ve seen with Olorama Technology…!


Offering audiences new sensations is proving to be key to resuscitating what is an ailing industry. Olorama represents a great opportunity: 95% of audience members who have already experienced it would be willing to pay more for tickets for films including scents…
Nobody will want to miss out on the experience of actually smelling your work. Are you ready?


The scents used by Olorama come from essential oils, based in natural extracts, which is what makes them so realistic.
Each new scent is sensed by the viewer in all its intensity, with no mixtures spoiling.
These scents are fully certified as safe, non-toxic and allergen-free, making Olorama a system suitable for children and adults alike.

Everyone can enjoy it!

Easy to install

Olorama features very compact, hidden scent devices that are installed under seats (1 device for every 10-12 seats, depending on their size). There is no need for action by any employees, as the scents are released automatically (control through DMX available), synchronized with the film, and with uniform distribution.
Installation is hence very straightforward, so in less than 24h you can have a theater equipped with Olorama Technology and offer audiences a complete audiovisual experience.




Humans remember 1% of what they touch, 2% of what they hear, 5% of what they see, 15% of what they taste … and 35% of what they smell.
Install Olorama Technology and everybody will realize that it’s true. Nobody will want to leave the theater!



Only with Olorama can audiences feel like the star of the film. The aromas envelop you in your home theater as if you were right there, because nothing can draw you into a film like scents can. Olorama is the first in the world integrating scents into movies, right in your own home.

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